Districts Adopt NetSupport to Manage Student Computers


4/9/2007—NetSupport Inc. has reported that several districts and individual schools around the country have adopted NetSupport products to provide control over students' computer systems.

NetSupport products allow educators and administrators to monitor and control individual computers in classroom and remote environments. With NetSupport School, teachers can also conduct polls in the classroom and share results on the fly, as well as record keyboard, mouse, and screen activity. Another of the NetSupport products, NetSupport DNA, provides centralized management of networked computers, including software distribution, Internet usage monitoring, application monitoring, and other features.

Schools and districts implementing NetSupport recently include:

  • Madison Academy, which implemented a one to one laptop program for high school students, using NetSupport School to monitor online activities of students;
  • Owasso Public Schools, which uses NetSupport DNA on 1,500 computers across 13 sites to distribute software and control systems remotely;
  • Spokane School District, which uses NetSupport to handle problems with misusing computers in classrooms, such as surfing the Internet instead of working on assignments;
  • Loyola Academy, using NetSupport School for two computer labs, a tablet PC cart, and a computer running videos in the school's lobby;
  • Freedom Area School District, which is using NetSupport School Pro to help train students and monitor activities; and
  • Lenoir County Public Schools, which implemented NetSupport to cut down on problems with students changing settings, installing unauthorized software, and deleting programs.

NetSupport School, DNA and other versions are available in 30-day trial editions. See links below for more information.

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