Colorado District Opts for Infinite SIS


Greeley-Evans School District has selected a process management system from Infinite Campus, a developer of school information systems. The program is designed to help Greeley-Evans meet Colorado Department of Education's state reporting requirements.

Infinite Campus manages student data through a centralized database that provides real-time information to teachers, administrators and counselors. Authorized users can view changed data immediately without waiting for uploads or data synchronization. Parents and students can access assignment, grade, and attendance data through a Web interface.

"We wanted one central, integrated data management system and found Infinite Campus to be the best choice," said Wayne Eads, chief operating officer for Greeley-Evans in a prepared statement. "We are looking forward to using a true Web-based system."

The system also offers scheduling capabilities and a campus portal designed to allow communication with parents and guardians about students.

Greeley-Evans School District, located in Greeley, CO, has 35 schools with 18,534 students currently enrolled in grades K through 12.

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