Science COWs Donated to Oklahoma Schools


Five science COWs (Curriculum On Wheels) have been donated to Oklahoma middle schools by the Apache Corp. through Ignite Learning, a classroom curriculum developer. The donations were made as a part of the Adopt-a-COW program, designed for corporations to donate curricula either to specific schools or to schools and teachers chosen by Ignite.

"Too often technology is overly complex and requires intricate training for the teachers," said Yamilette Williams, director of instructional technology for Tulsa Public Schools. "We believe that lasting educational results can best be achieved through technology that presents relevant materials and curriculum-centered instruction, which is what the COW provides."

Four middles schools in Tulsa, OK will be provided with five Science COWS. The science curriculum is designed for all middle school grade levels. According to Apache, COWs include:

  • Daily lesson plans;
  • Instructional Media including music, text and video;
  • Class activities; and
  • Class assessment materials.

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