K-12 Tech Trends :: June 6, 2007


ATTAIN: The Means for a Mandate

Have you ever wondered what the "THE" in THE Journal means? Occasionally? Even fleetingly? No? Well, I'll tell you anyway. It stands for "Technological Horizons in Education." Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? Hence the acronym. But that aside, what it indicates is that we take as our premise that technology is inherently beneficial to education--that it can make the lives of educators easier, that it can facilitate learning, and that it can, when approached the right way, stimulate new ideas about learning and the teaching process. (And, as a side benefit, it happens to keep all of you IT folk off the streets.)...

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News Briefs

Kentucky Students to Participate in $6 Million Cognitive Tutor Study

Carnegie Learning, a developer of math curriculum textbooks and software, recently announced the participation of 33 Kentucky schools in a five-year study, conducted by RAND, to evaluate its Cognitive Tutor program. The Algebra I curriculum program will be tested on middle and high school students in a $6 million dollar study funded by the United States Department of Education....

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Missouri Virtual High School Partners with Kaplan, eCollege

Missouri Virtual Education program, in its plans to develop a virtual high school for fall 2007, has selected Kaplan to provide its online high school curriculum. Kaplan will partner with eCollege to provide a platform and software developer BocaVox to "provide course content, curriculum development, online instruction and administration tools," according to Kaplan. Northwest Missouri State University Center of Information Technology will serve as project manager....

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Sakai Launches SCLE 2.4

The Sakai Foundation recently released version 2.4 of its Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (SCLE), an update six months in the making. SCLE is an open-source course management system targeted toward schools, colleges, and universities....

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iTunes U Debuts

Apple has launched a new iTunes feature called iTunes U, a new department in the iTunes Store that provides free education resources from American colleges and universities. The idea is to share resources from these campuses, such as lectures and research, free of charge. Some of the universities are also providing K-12 content....

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Tacoma SD Swaps Back-Office Systems

Tacoma School District in Washington state recently made plans to deploy a number of business software applications from Lawson Software to replace the district's current financial, human resources, and payroll systems. The installation of the software systems will be completed by July 2008, according to Lawson....

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San Diego School District Receives $250,000 Award

San Diego Unified School District has been awarded the Best Buy Teach Award worth $250,000 for creative use of interactive technology in grades K-12. The winning program, Unsung Heroes, had students interview and digitally document community heroes using consumer electronics, according to Best Buy....

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