LAUSD Leverages Web To Personalize Learning


The Los Angeles Unified School District has implemented Web-based system in 185 schools that lets teachers personalize education based on students' strengths, abilities and interests.

Using Renzulli Learning, from Avon, CT-based Renzulli Learning Systems--a University of Connecticut Research and Development Corp. company--LAUSD educators can profile students to create "differentiated curriculum" and teaching approaches. Using the Enrichment Triad Model developed in 1977 by Renzulli's founders and University of Connecticut professors Sally Reis and Joseph Renzulli, Renzulli Leanring lets students and teachers access thousands of resources and enrichment materials, from virtual field trips to downloadable activities.

"Differentiated curriculum is a teaching style that applies learning to the individual interests and personal learning preferences of each student," Renzulli said in a prepared statement. "It helps students become engaged and improves student achievement, creativity and attitudes toward school"

LAUSD teachers, students and parents have 12-month, 24-hour access to Renzulli Learning to use the strength-based enrichment and instruction at home and throughout the summer. The program will continue throughout the 2007-2008 school year.

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