GE Security Works with Districts To Plan School Safety


GE Security has released a new strategic planning model to increase school safety and security. The firm is also collaborating with the school district in Lynn, MA, as well as the School District of Manatee County, FL and Scottsdale Unified School District, AZ to maximize ROI on school security solutions.

FE Security's planning process is designed to help schools anticipate and evaluate security needs, develop plans around those needs and ensure security investments and infrastructure can deliver over the long term.

"Collaborating with GE Security has resulted in installation of a well thought out security solution based on advanced security technologies that will help us ensure a safe and secure environment in our schools," said Lynn School Superintendent Nicholas Kostan in a prepared statement. "Research has demonstrated that student achievement is higher in safe and orderly environments and Lynn Schools is taking every step to ensure that is exactly what we provide for our community."

GE Security's education team worked with Lynn Public Schools to tailor a security master plan to Thurgood Marshall Middle School that can integrate with broader, district-wide security plans. In coming weeks, the school will employ integrated video surveillance, visitor management and access control systems to secure the campus.

"This is important to faculty, staff, students and parents," Kostan said. "We are enthusiastic about the safer, smarter and more secure surroundings they are returning to this school year at Marshall Middle School."

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David Kopf is a freelance technology writer and marketing consultant, and can be reached at [email protected].