Aleks Upgrades HS Geometry Tool


Math Assessment tool provider Aleks has upgraded its High School Geometry offering so that it now leverages the company's AI-2 intelligence engine, which aims to reduce faculty workload and make learning process more rewarding and more targeted to student needs.

Specifically, Aleks used instructor and student feedback to develop the course's AI-2 engine so that it could provide more accurate assessments and let teachers more flexibly instruct students. Students navigate learning paths based on their level of readiness.

In terms of subject matter, the geometry course covers 217 concepts under the broader categories of algebra and deductive reasoning, lines and angles, triangles, polygons and circles, similarities and transformations, volumes and surface areas, and coordinate geometry.

The geometry course includes more than 40 new problem types and a content editor to let teachers remove more than 100 topics and change the sequence of topics to tailor the curriculum to their classes' needs. The course also includes input tools, such as proof and construction tools, to help foster a free response environment.

The geometry course is now available and can be used as core class curriculum, or in a supplemental fashion for remediation, intervention, or gifted or after school programs.

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