School Security :: December 11, 2007

How a Security Play Streamlined a Business Process in a Texas School District

New security initiatives could be viewed as one of those ever-demanding burdens in a school district, sucking up financial resources and adding a layer of complexity to user and IT operations. Or, if you're like Kyle Berger, executive director of technology services for the Alvarado Independent School District, south of Ft. Worth, TX, you could view it as a route to gaining efficiencies in your business processes while reducing expenses....

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School Security News

School Threat Delivered Through MySpace

A 17-year-old Minnesota high school student was charged last month with a felony after she allegedly hacked into a student's MySpace page and threatened to bring a gun to school to "kill everyone,” according to a story in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune....

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Security Fears Prompt Call for Suspending Child Database

A planned database containing details of all 11 million children in England should be scrapped because it is insecure and will put children's safety at risk, an alliance of independent schools warned, according to a report in the Guardian (U.K) newspaper....

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Palm Beach District IT Chief Issues Dare to Hackers

The Palm Beach County (Florida) School District has spent more than $1.5 million in the last year to upgrade security on its administrative network after a high school student hacked into the system to change grades and attendance records....

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Shooting Prompts Florida District To Add Surveillance Tech

Manatee County, FL school district administrators are considering outfitting district schools with surveillance cameras after a 33 year-old man was shot and killed near one of its schools last month, according to a report in the southwest Florida Herald Tribune....

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8e6, CDW-G Partner for K-12 Internet Security

CDW-G and Web filtering company 8e6 Technologies have partnered up to deliver Internet security solutions to K-12 schools. Through the non-exclusive arrangement, CDW-G will make 8e6's Web filtering and reporting appliances available as part of its security solutions packages....

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Illinois District Keeps an Eye on 'Net Abuse

Illinois' Plainfield School District will use Spector 360 from SpectorSoft to prevent student Internet abuse and inappropriate usage of its computing infrastructure, which serves more than 28,000 students via 5,500 computers....

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