T.H.E. News Update :: January 30, 2008

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FETC 2008 Post-Show Roundup: It's All About Community

Education technology took center stage in Florida last week as teachers, administrators and district technology experts gathered at FETC 2008 in Orlando. Podcasting, digital collaboration and Web 2.0 dominated much of the discussion, but security, new and emerging technologies, and environmental education were also major themes.....

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Complete FETC Conference Coverage: Keynote, Sessions, New Technology

The annual FETC convention is over now, and you can find our complete coverage of this year's record-setting event on this special news and information page. Find out what Jeff Corwin had to say about environmental education, what Chris Dede said about Web 2.0 transforming education, and who won the first-ever multi-state math gaming tournament. Here you'll also find information on new technologies introduced at the show, with coverage continuing this week....

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Open Source Poised for Surge in Education

Open source software will nearly double in the education space over the next four years. From its present level of $286.2 million, the market--including software, services, and maintenance--will reach $489.9 million by 2012, according to a report released Thursday by market analyst Datamonitor, which proclaimed that "open source software has the ability to change the face of the education Industry."...

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Adobe Throttles Up Flash Media Server

Adobe has released two new full version upgrades in its Flash Media Server line: Flash Media Streaming Server 3 and Flash Media Interactive Server 3. The latest versions, released Jan. 25, both include "major" performance gains and additional security enhancements for content delivery. They also add MPEG-4 support in the form of H.264 video and High-Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio....

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Are You an Average E-rate Applicant?

Think you have it tough filing a E-rate funding requests for a half dozen sites? In the 2007 E-rate funding year, one applicant made requests for 1,519 sites! This according to a new report from Funds For Learning released at the FETC 2008 conference in Orlando, FL Thursday. The report, "The Average E-rate Applicant," compiled data from nearly 23,000 applicants over the course of the year to generate a picture of typical E-rate behavior....

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NetRTI Monitors Achievement for Struggling Learners

Education technology developer Netchemia earlier this month released netRTI, a response to intervention program targeted at struggling learners and special needs students....

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Internet Security: Getting Involved To Keep Kids Safe

"What has the Internet brought?" That was the opening question posed to the audience Friday at FETC 2008 by speaker William Piotrowski during a session on Internet safety. Piotrowski, along with main presenter, Jonathan King, addressed issues related to the increase of available online technologies and their implications on the safety and security of today's children....

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Microsoft: SQL Server 2008 Will Be Late

Despite public confidence that SQL Server 2008 would ship by the end of June, Microsoft indicated it probably is more likely to arrive toward the end of the year....

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