T.H.E. SmartClassroom :: March 6, 2008

Technology Focus

Open Source Computer Donation Program Aims To Go Nationwide

Ensuring that schools in low-income communities have access to the same technologies as wealthier schools isn't enough for James Burgett, executive director of the Alameda County Computer Resource Center in Northern California. He wants them to have better technology, and he wants them to have it for free. Burgett--along with several partners, contributors, volunteers, and staff--has been for years refurbishing computers, loading them up with open-source software, and deploying them in classrooms (and giving them to individuals) in the San Francisco Bay area. He's recently expanded that effort and is now looking to take it national....

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Ed Tech News

Chicago Public Schools Partners with Freedom Center for Distance Learning

As part of a new electronic learning initiative, Chicago Public Schools has partnered with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center for an educational program that combines distance learning technologies with digital media. The program, funded by Ariel Mutual Funds, offers a history curriculum that focuses on slavery in the United States and around the world....

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PBS Launches Professional Development for PreK Literacy

PBS Teacherline and PBS Kids have combined forces to launch a new preschool literacy professional development program. Dubbed "Raising Readers: Preparing Preschoolers for Success," the program includes one asynchronous online course, available now, with two more courses slated to roll out later in the year....

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Wimba Unveils New Collaborative Messaging Tool

At the inaugural Wimba Connect 2008 user conference Tuesday, Wimba unveiled its new Wimba Pronto, a collaborative instant messaging tool geared specifically toward education....

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'Foundations' Series Aims To Boost Elementary Reading Comprehension

Education developer Dynamic Literacy has released Foundations, the latest series in its WordBuild Vocabulary Development System. Foundations teaches "morphics," a term the company uses to differentiate its morphological instruction from phonics-based approaches. The system is targeted toward students in grades 3 through 5, though it can also be used in interventions for students in grades 6 and up....

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Stoneware Integrates Virtual Desktop with iTunes U

Stoneware announced the integration of Apple's iTunes U with its virtualized Web desktop solution, WebOS. iTunes U allows colleges and universities a way to let students search, download and play education content just like they do music, movies, and TV shows. With the integration of iTunes U into the user's virtualized WebOS desktop, students can access applications, files, documents, educational podcasts and other content from a Web desktop that is accessible from anywhere....

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