New Tool Lets Users View Facebook Messages from MySpace Page

##AUTHORSPLIT##<--->, a free online tool that enables Internet users to consolidate their e-mail and social networking accounts into a single online inbox, announced the launch of Fuser MySpace. The application allows MySpace users to view Facebook messages and wall posts from their MySpace page. This application was developed under MySpace's new application development platform.

The idea for the application was spurred in part by the results of a national third-party survey that examined social networking usage trends and preferences among 13- to 42-year-olds. According to the results, social networking users continue to use both MySpace and Facebook, despite strong personal preferences that favor one site over the other.

The company-sponsored research showed that MySpace proved to be the preferred site for high-school-aged respondents (13 to 17 years old), with 82 percent indicating they have a MySpace profile and 40 percent of those spending three or more hours per week on the site. According to survey results, 52 percent of this age group responded that their favorite social networking site is MySpace (34 percent choosing Facebook), with the No. 1 reason being it is where the majority of their friends are.

"The desire to stay connected to friends and family is extremely strong for social networking users and often outweighs personal preferences of one site over the other," said Jeff Herman, president of Fuser. "Unfortunately, this translates to consumers having to juggle multiple online communication accounts--a problem that continues to become more pervasive as the popularity of social networking sites grows."

Users can add the Fuser Facebook application from The Fuser MySpace application is at

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