Netop Acquires GenevaLogic, Expands Reach in Classroom Management


Danish software company Netop has announced the acquisition of Swiss software company GenevaLogic. The purchase expands Netpop's portfolio classroom management software.

GenevaLogic's Vision classroom management software is currently in use in more than 50,000 classrooms worldwide, while Netop develops and markets software that enables the transfer of screens, sound, and data between two or more computers.

"Combining the classroom management software products from GenevaLogic with the products of Netop, we are extending our commitment as the worldwide leader in innovative software to support teaching and learning. Netop will be the market leader providing educators and students with the benefits of more than 20 years of international, educational software expertise," said CEO Kurt Bager, Netop, in a June 11 statement.

According information released by Netop, the merger will increase the development resources available to Netop, allowing the company to expand its portfolio of education and classroom management software. Additionally, Netop sees the acquisition as an opportunity to help boost sales worldwide, giving them increased access to a range of schools, universities, and educational organizations.

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About the author: Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Florida. He can be reached via e-mail here.

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About the Author

Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Illinois. He can be reached here.