Follett Launches K-12 Content Delivery System


Follett Digital Resources (FDR) announced the launch of Follett Digital Classroom (FDC), a Web-based platform providing instructional content delivery to K-12 teachers, students, and parents.

The system, which has been in beta testing for the last year, was unveiled at NECC 2008 this week in San Antonio, TX. The platform provides educators with a variety of tools to help manage and deliver digital content.

Some of FDC's features include:

  • A K-12 specific interface with access to both personal and district learning materials;
  • Secure Web-based access;
  • Reusable learning templates;
  • An integrated, secure messaging system for parent and student contact; and
  • Personal content storage, among others.

"Our application was designed with teachers in mind, but built to put teachers in charge," said Michael Johnson, chief operating officer of Follett Digital Resources, in a prepared statement. "Teachers now have a tool to avoid what I call content chaos--tons of valuable resources, with no good way to find them, share them or use them. Follett Digital Classroom takes care of that problem while also providing teachers with all the tools they need to make using digital content efficient and effective."

In addition to providing access to resources, the platform also includes parent and student modules, allowing educators to assign work, distribute materials, and develop timelines outside of the classroom. Parents can access grades, deadlines, and assigned work at any time through the Web-based system, allowing them to track student progress.

According to Follett, with remote hosting of the application and storage, no additional infrastructure or installations are required. The FDC platform is available now, with licensing options based on individual district needs.

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Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Illinois. He can be reached here.