Manteca USD Adopts Digital Archiving System


Mimosa Systems announced this week that it has been selected by the Manteca Unified School District to provide its NearPoint content archiving solution to help the organization manage vital e-mail data.

Serving more than 23,000 students in Stockton, Lathrop, Manteca, and French Camp, the district was interested in an e-mail archiving solution that would integrate with their newly implemented Storage Area Network (SAN). According to the district, personal storage table (PST) files throughout the network were beginning to compromise system performance, posing the risk of potential data loss.

"The Information Technology Department needed to gain control of the PST files throughout the District," said Colby Clark, System Administration Supervisor for Manteca Unified School District, in Tuesday's announcement. "The PST files had become too large and were eroding system performance. It was important to us that NearPoint provided the ability to archive content stored in these files. PST files will now be "ingested" and stored in a central archive enhancing the availability of this information when required. As a public educational system--subject to a range of regulations--we can't afford the risk of losing information stored on our systems."

According to the district, system benefits include continuous capture and archiving of exchange data, making it easier to find and recover relevant content; automated Exchange storage management, allowing the district's technology staff to define "policies" for moving data into the archive, including date and size parameters; and "One-Click" recovery, providing users the ability to easily restore individuals messages.

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