Mercy High School Deploys Cymphonix Network Composer To Manage Use, Maintain Costs


Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, MI has selected Cymphonix Network Composer DC30X to help manage content filtering and Internet use reporting throughout the campus. The deployment has also helped the school streamline its network usage and maintain its current infrastructure expense, in spite of increasing its user population.

According to Cymphonix, the solution provides administrators “total visibility” of all activity on the network and allows for both historical and real-time reporting of student and faculty activity. The capability has given the school insight into both usage trends and individual bandwidth consumption, helping administrators make decisions on infrastructure needs.

"We really didn't know where our traffic was coming from or where our students were going when they were online," said Adele M. Stommel, IHM and Director of Information Technology for Mercy High School, in a prepared statement. "We needed a solution that would quickly and accurately provide both historical and real-time data so we, as administrators, could monitor student traffic, bandwidth usage and also see what bandwidth capacity we would need to implement in the future as we move from a word processing to a multi-media curriculum."

According to Mercy, before implementing the system, the school was considering adding a T1 line to address their growing bandwidth concerns. After deployment, the school was able to maintain its current setup, while simultaneously doubling the number of users.

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