PA Online Schools Contract with EdisonLearning, Provost Systems

EdisonLearning has announced significant market share for its educational technology in Pennsylvania. According to the company, roughly 12,000 Pennsylvania students currently enrolled in online charter schools are using technology provided through EdisonLearning's wholly owned subsidiary Provost Systems.

Schools contracting with Provost include Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School and Achievement House Charter School, among others. According to EdisonLearning, the schools have deployed Provost Systems eAcademy, a solution aimed at helping manage student and administrative operations in an online learning environment. Features of the platform include a student information system, benchmarking and standards alignment systems, as well as a student and family portal. The system also utilizes the company's online curriculum, intended for use in a variety of learning environments.

"Learning is not confined to traditional school buildings, and too many students are being taught in classes very much like the ones their parents and even grandparents attended, not benefiting fully from new research, technology and advances in education," said John Chubb, EdisonLearning senior executive president, in a prepared statement. "Today, we can provide Internet-based solutions that will accelerate the learning curve for all children and connect them in new and engaging ways with their teachers and communities."

According to the company, EdisonLearning will serve 350,000 students in 24 states during the 2008-2009 school year.

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