T.H.E. SmartClassroom :: December 11, 2008


John Kuglin: 21st Century Learning and the 'Youth Media Culture'

John Kuglin's background is as eclectic as the 21st century learning skillset he advocates. He's been an educator since 1971. He's worked with NASA by way of the Earth Observing System project at the University of Montana. He's been a vice president at a digital media authoring and production studio. And now, as CIO of Eagle County Schools in Colorado, he's at the forefront of developing technology- infused learning environments that will help prepare today's kids for the new realities of the 21st century.

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Ed Tech News

Report: Schools Throwing Away E-rate Funds

Schools and other organizations that tap the federal E-rate program are leaving about a quarter of all committed funds unused, according to a new report released this week by Funds For Learning, an E-rate service provider. The analysis showed that this amounts to "tens of millions of dollars" in unused funding annually.

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K-12 Schools Win $25,000 Classroom Makeovers

eInstruction has announced the winners of its second-annual Classroom Makeover Contest. The K-12 competition called on educators to create short music videos demonstrating how classroom technologies can be used to enhance instruction. Winners each received $25,000 in hardware, software, and support.

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Pulaski County Schools Deploys WAN To Support eLearning

Pulaski County Public Schools in Virginia has recently implemented a wide area network aimed at providing enhanced access to a range of district resources including video security, distance learning tools, and other Web-based services.

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Pearson Longman Debuts Interactive Professional Development For EL Teachers

Pearson Longman has announced the availability of its Teacher Development Interactive program, an online professional development resource for English Language teachers.

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Growth of Market for Videoconferencing, Streaming, and Lecture Capture Driven by On-campus Students and Worried Workers

A new study concludes that real-time videoconferencing, streaming, and lecture capture solutions for distance education and e-learning markets is growing not to address the needs of remote students but to accommodate demand from campus-based users who want the ability to attend class whenever and however they wish.

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ePals To Provide Educational Documentaries to ePals Community

ePals has entered into an agreement with SnagFilms aimed at providing access to a range of educational documentaries to members of the ePals Global Community.

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