Nashville Secondary Schools Adopt Multilingual Social Studies Programs


Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools has opted to use five programs in history, government and psychology offered by Glencoe for its middle and high schools. The program textbooks and other classroom teaching materials align to Tennessee state education standards.

Because the district enrolls students from a wide variety of linguistic backgrounds, including Spanish, Vietnamese, and Farsi, Glencoe's online multi-language support is also a very appealing feature of the programs, said Todd Wiggington, the district's social studies supervisor.

Another key facet of the programs for the MNPS is the online support, which allows teachers to access up to date information on program web pages. With events occurring and laws changing quite frequently, added Wiggington, updating is an important component in teaching modern history and government.

The programs MNPS will be using include world history for grade 6 and United States history and government, contemporary world history, and psychology for grades 9 through 12.

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