Vernier Expands Science Equipment, Software Lineup


At the FETC 2009 conference in Orlando, FL, Vernier Software & Technology announced an expanded lineup of scientific measurement equipment, along with a new Web-based software package for managing lab-based projects.

The expanded hardware lineup includes three new probes: GPS Sensor, Wide-Range Temperature Probe, and Power Amplifier. The new measurement devices are designed to be used with Vernier's data collection tool, LabQuest, for analysis and visual representation of collected data. The USB-based GPS Sensor collects latitude, longitude, and altitude data. The Wide-Range Temperature Probe can measure temperatures ranging from from -20°C to 330°C (or from -4°F to 626°F), with ±0.1°C accuracy throughout the temperature range. And the Power Amplifier is designed to deliver ±10 V and currents up to 1 A with support for DC, sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms, according to the company.

The new probes are expected to ship in March for $64 each for the GPS Sensor and Wide-Range Temperature Probe and $199 for the Power Amplifier.

Vernier also showcased its new software, the LabQuest Library, at the FETC show. The Web-based LabQuest Library provides a searchable database of science labs and allows teachers to customize lab instructions. It includes two applications: Lab Creator, which lets teachers create lab instructions, and Lab Organizer, which will provide more than 400 searchable labs that can be downloaded to the LabQuest. A beta version of Lab Creator is available now; Lab Organizer will be available in the spring, with labs being added through summer. LabQuest Library will be free for LabQuest customers.

In other news, Vernier will be holding a series of workshops focused on teaching scientific exploration. The four-hour workshops, which run about $70 per credit hour, cover data-collection technology, including LabQuest, graphic calculators, and handheld devices. The workshops will be held mid-February through early May around the country.

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