School Security :: February 10, 2009

  • Opening Up YouTube at School

    Banning YouTube at school is the easy choice for administrators. What's more difficult is granting access to the social networking site or others like it when a case can be made for its use. That was the dilemma faced by Garfield Heights City School District in northeast Ohio. The IT staff was getting requests from teachers and others to open up access to banned sites specifically for educational or work purposes. More

School Security News & Issues

  • Security Trends in 2009 Put Web Front and Center

    WatchGuard, which sells network security appliances, has identified five trends in security that the company said will shift how attacks intrude on networks and where attacks will occur. More
  • Lightspeed Adds YouTube Library Video Feature

    Lightspeed Systems, which sells network security and management software for schools, has added an educational video library feature to version 7.02 of Total Traffic Control, the company's network security application. More
  • New Authenticator Delivers Single Sign-on to Mac Users

    Marshal8e6, which develops web and email security products for the K-12 environment, will soon release Authenticator for Apple, which provides single sign-on capability to Apple workstations and laptop users running Mac OS X 10.5 or later. This is done by matching the user's authentication to Microsoft's Active Directory, Apple's Open Directory, and Novell's eDirectory. More
  • Cooper Notification Adds Desktop Popups to Alert Choices

    Cooper Notification has launched Cooper Desktop Notification, which allows users to send real-time emergency alerts to computer desktops across the network. The new release is powered by the company's Roam Secure Alert Network emergency text and voice alerting system. More
  • New Netbook Cart Secures and Recharges Portable Devices

    Datamation Systems has launched a new cart designed to provide schools with a way to recharge netbooks and to keep them secure when the small mobile devices aren't in use. More
  • Centennial School District To Broadcast Alerts

    Centennial School District in Bucks County, PA has installed CyberData's voice over IP (VoIP) Ceiling Speakers and AcroVista's BellCommander to provide general paging, scheduled audio, and emergency notifications at Klinger Middle School. The system is operating on a 3Com VCX V7000 platform. More
  • CyberPatrol Releases Free Web-Surfing Safety Toolkit

    CyberPatrol, a company that sells parental controls and Web filtering technologies, announced a free online Web-surfing safety assessment toolkit. The toolkit is intended to help parents and educators review online surfing habits and determine what safety measures should be implemented. More