T.H.E. News Update :: February 18, 2009

News & Issues

  • Stimulus Package Signed into Law; What It Means for K-12 Education

    United States President Barack Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, passed by the House and Senate Friday. The Act assigns significant funding to a variety of education and education-related programs, beefing up educational technology, broadband, and teacher professional development and providing funds that can be used for school modernization. More
  • Cell Phones Getting Push in Education, But Not Without Resistance

    For some time, cell phones and other mobile devices have existed on the fringe of educational technology. Some districts encourage them; some districts ban them and even go so far as to suspend students for bringing them to school; many don't have a policy one way or the other, as long as students keep them turned off during class. But recent developments in mobile technologies may help give cell phones a boost in the education space, although policy challenges still abound. More
  • Toronto Montessori Schools Deploy Xirrus WiFi Network

    Toronto Montessori Schools and the Toronto Montessori Institute have chosen Xirrus 802.11abg+n WiFi arrays to deliver high speed internet access for student and teacher online learning. More
  • Northeast Texas District Aims To Improve Energy Efficiency

    Grand Saline Independent School District, located about 70 miles east of Dallas, has implemented $700,000 in facilities upgrades in order to improve operations and and efficiencies. The district contracted with TAC for improvements in lighting and energy efficiency, as well as a unified building management system (BMS) for the entire district. More
  • VMware Fusion Expands Mac OS X Support, Adds Virus Security

    VMware has released an update to Fusion, the company's desktop virtualization solution for Mac OS X. The latest release, version 2.0.2, includes a range of enhancements, from updated host and guest operating system support to new security features to new virtual machine importing capabilities. More