Digital Educator Mentoring Program Receives Equipment Donation


Master Digital Educators, the peer mentoring program of Florida Digital Educator, has received a donation of 10 Epson PowerLite W6 multimedia projectors and 10 PolyVision eno brand interactive whiteboards, courtesy of a joint donation from the two manufacturers. MDE enlists educators with extensive technology experience to train their peers on such equipment at the Florida Center for Instructional Technology.

"The Florida Department of Education's FDE program at the Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT) is always looking for the most advanced products to integrate into the program," said G. Gordon Worley, learning and development facilitator at FCIT.

PowerLite projectors and eno whiteboards are examples of the type of technology educators are using to enhance learning in schools nationwide, but a key prerequisite to using such technology in the classroom is the educator's competence in operating the equipment. The devices can be used to project overhead displays of images on a computer monitor, as well as various forms of video. Teachers can use the interactive whiteboards as regular classroom whiteboards using dry-erase markers or as monitors in WiFi enabled facilities to access the internet in front of a class, and they can also be used as projector screens.

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