Collaboration 2.0 :: March 4, 2009


  • The K-12 Web 2.0 Debate: Learning To Communicate

    Good communication is central to good education, and teachers have long been aware of the importance of teaching students how and when to use various language forms and to what purpose. What is viewed as "regular" constantly changes, and, with the use of Web 2.0 tools, those changes are more rapid and pose continual challenges to K-12 teachers. More


  • Facebook Off Limits in Wisconsin District

    A school district in Wisconsin has declared staff participation in social networking sites and instant messaging "irresponsible" to discourage their use. The decision was handed down by the board of education at Elmbrook Schools in the form of revised language for its district policy regarding staff use of IT and communication resources. More
  • San Francisco Teachers Get Education in Web 2.0

    Teachers from the San Francisco Unified School District's Academy of Information Technology met with industry experts to learn how they could apply Web 2.0 tools and services in the classroom. The workshop featured presentations by people from Google, MySpace, CNET, Electronic Arts, and YouTube, among others, to explore the ways digital media can enhance teaching and improve professional skills for students. More
  • Unigo Provides College Reviews by College Students

    Unigo, a recently launched Web site, provides a free student-generated guide to North American colleges for applicants and their families. Pre-launch, Unigo's team of 19 paid editors spent months researching America's top 250 colleges with input from 300 college representatives who enlisted students at their colleges to contribute content to the site. More
  • Learnosity Connects Language Learners Worldwide via Voxbone

    Learnosity, a software company specializing in language learning, will be using Voxbone services to affordably connect language students around the world with their teachers and each other. Through its global IP network and store of access numbers, Voxbone will provide a means for Learnosity's students to share their native fluencies and accents with others on other continents, for the cost of local calls. More
  • New Photo Site Allows for Upload by Mobile Phone

    Avanquest Software has begun public testing of SendPhotos, a photo sharing Web site that allows registered users to share and exchange photos for free from their PC or mobile device. The membership comes with one gigabyte of online storage space through the duration of the beta phase. More