Online Science Learning Environment Partners with Science Content Provider


Sally Ride Science has partnered with Pasco to add a variety of content to Pasco's Spark Science Learning System.

The goal of of the partnership is to make science an especially compelling subject for students by connecting their studies and learning activities to real-world scientific exploration, which research has shown to be a highly effective method for fostering ongoing student interest in the sciences.

"The challenge isn't getting children interested in science. It's keeping them interested," said Sally Ride, president and CEO of SRS.

As a first step, Pasco and SRS will collaborate to develop an electronic, hands-on "proof of concept," a preliminary version to determine the product's viability, that delivers content on the Spark platform, together with probeware-based activities to extend the learning. Probeware refers to digital devices for scientific measurements such as size, temperature, and even radiation; the device is connected to a computer a via digital interface, allowing data gathered in a classroom science experiment to be input instantly, then organized and analyzed by a software application.

The work, said a spokesperson for Pasco, reflects trends currently underway in the industry to make conventional books digital, enabling them to become much richer and more interactive.

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