School Security :: May 12, 2009

Security Spotlight

  • Electronic Alerts: A Simple, Timely Message Can Make All the Difference

    How do you stop a pandemic? Seven centuries after the Black Plague wiped out a third of Europe's population, scientists are still working on a reliable answer to this evergreen question. But is it the right question? Asking how we stop a pandemic requires that one has already begun. Any elementary school teacher who makes all her pupils wash their hands after playing in the dirt at recess and any parent who insists his or her kids practice proper hygiene knows the more important question to ask is: "How do you prevent the pandemic from starting in the first place?" More

School Security News & Issues

  • Houston ISD Tracks Bus Fleet with AT&T Wireless Network

    The Houston Independent School District (HISD) will be monitoring the whereabouts of its school buses wirelessly. The district has signed a contract for AT&T fleet management services, enabling the school district to wirelessly monitor its fleet of 1,100 school buses and vehicles by using GPS technology over the AT&T wireless network. More
  • Texas District Gets Security Bond Boost from Voters

    The economic downturn hasn't turned voters off of school improvement projects. Carroll Independent School District in Grapevine, TX just succeeded in passing three school bonds worth $138 million. The largest of the three, Proposition 1, approved by 66 percent of voters, will provide for technology improvements, as well as the addition of security entrances for eight schools in the 11-school district. More
  • Texas District Deploys Network Cameras To Surveil Campuses

    Deer Park Independent School District has installed Axis Communications' network cameras on its school campuses and support services buildings. The district, which enrolls about 12,000 students, is located in Deer Park, TX, 20 miles south of Houston. More
  • CompTIA Research: IT Security Investments Immune to Cutbacks

    The majority of organizations expect to increase or maintain their IT security spending this year, according to a new international survey from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). More