Educational Publisher Releases Online Math Activities Library

Key Curriculum Press has introduced the online program Critical Math, a series of supplemental math lessons and activities designed to engage students more fully and help them better retain what they learn from their primary instruction.

Critical Math incorporates inquiry-based learning--using real-world scenarios to apply the fundamentals, concepts, and tools of a subject in order to give students a context for the practical uses of what they learn--into standard middle- and high-school mathematics curricula, specifically for Algebra I and II and Geometry. In addition to lessons, the Critical Math series offers interactive activities that are designed to allow teachers to involve students in their lessons rather than simply lecture to a room full of notetakers.

In addition, said a company spokesperson, teachers can advance their professional development using the program, learning a new teaching method and accompanying strategies via streaming video presentations and supplementary notes. "Videos of real classroom teachers presenting lessons and investigations assist teachers who are new to inquiry-based instruction," said the spokesperson. "Extensive teacher notes are available to ease the transition to a new instructional strategy."

The full critical math series will be available on a subscription basis beginning in September.

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