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iR Media Connector by Lightspeed Technologies

iR Media Connector
by Lightspeed Technologies

LIGHTSPEED TECHNOLOGIES introduces its iR Media Connector to help schools eliminate costly installation fees and copious wiring associated with classroom audio. The wireless transmitter combines with any Lightspeed infrared classroom audio system to allow teachers to integrate sound from iPods, computers, or other audio devices without having to run cables to amplifiers. Up to three devices can be plugged into the iR Media Connector, which transmits signals to an infrared audio system to amplify and evenly distribute sound throughout a classroom. And at 4.25 inches long, 3.38 inches wide, and 4 inches tall, the unit is small enough to easily fit within convenient reach on a desk or cart. Price: $200.


Classworks Web Edition by Curriculum AdvantageClassworks Web Edition by Curriculum Advantage

Classworks Web Edition
by Curriculum Advantage

CURRICULUM ADVANTAGE has released Classworks Web Edition, the latest version of its Classworks K-12 instructional software. The new, web-based edition has expanded content and functionality to help teachers provide individualized instruction and improve student achievement. New features include a redesigned management system to better help teachers and administrators plan and assign instruction; a new search engine for finding activities by publisher, strand, skill, state standard, learning style, or grade level; and new assessments and advanced reporting capabilities, including response to intervention reporting. In addition, Classworks Web Edition offers 3,500 new activities in math, reading, language arts, and elementary science. Price: Varies; call (888) 841-4790 for more information.


eBeam Edge by Luidia

eBeam Edge
by Luidia

LUIDIA introduces the eBeam Edge, the next-generation version of its eBeam interactive whiteboard system. The lightweight, portable system transforms existing classroom writing surfaces into interactive whiteboards and makes it easier for educators to present, capture, and interact with projected content. Improvements include a smaller receiver that weighs less than 4 ounces and offers increased accuracy, higher resolution, and faster response, and a thinner, more ergonomic stylus with more precise notation capabilities and virtually no lag time. The system, which comes with new eBeam Interact software, is also more resistant to interference and accommodates a larger data-capture area. Price: $899.


This article originally appeared in the 8/1/2009 issue of THE Journal.