2 Districts Move to Web-Based Productivity Tools

Two school districts have recently gone public with their deployment of ThinkFree's online office productivity tools. Conestoga Valley School District of Lancaster, PA, has deployed the ThinkFree Server, while Mesa Distance Learning Program of Mesa, AZ, is now using the company's Microsoft-compatible Office suite for a distance learning course for rural high school students.

CVSD installed the server to take advantage of its capability to deliver the company's Office suite of productivity software, including a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation program, to all devices on the district's network, including desktops, laptops, netbooks, and mobile Internet devices.

A spokesperson for MDLP said the Office suite's comparatively modest cost, functionality geared to collaborative work, and ease of use were all key in the organization's choice of the software.

"Finding a complete productivity suite that delivers lightweight applications at an economical price point plays a critical role in our program," said Terry Hutchins, a Mesa Direct Learning specialist. "With so many remote students, ThinkFree Office enabled us to quickly, and without interruption, install its services which enhanced our students' overall experience. With budgets being so closely monitored, ThinkFree was able to deliver a collaborative solution that all students and staff will benefit from."

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