Pearson Underwrites Use of Professional Development Program at SC School

Collaborative professional development, or the "teacher learning teams" approach, is behind a program being implemented at Battery Creek High School in Beaufort, SC. Pearson is underwriting the use of its Learning Teams program at the school for one year in order to showcase its potential for student improvement.

Teachers and administrators at BCHS received special training in the Learning Teams processes during a two-day seminar in August, at which they learned the value and applications of a collaborative model that allows them to learn from each other, refine their skills, and assess each other's teaching strategies.

"Our teacher workgroups have become professional learning communities. Data discussions have taken place, and student needs in ten core subject areas have been identified," said BCHS Principal Edmond Burnes.  "It is our belief that this wonderful collaborative effort of preparing to meet the needs of students will foster improvement in student achievement."

A spokesperson for Pearson explained that the Learning Teams program is based on a five-year comparison study that included 15 Title I schools serving 14,000 mostly low-achieving students with limited English proficiency.  The study showed 41 percent improvement in overall achievement in the schools using teacher learning teams, and 58 percent among Hispanic students.

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