School Town Brings Collaborative Technologies to CORE Program

Interactive education platform developer School Town has joined with supplemental digital resources provider Educational Tools to offer comprehensive, streamlined delivery of the latter company's CORE (Curriculum Online Resources for Educators) program.

CORE offers a variety of instructional resources for differentiated learning and assessment. The program includes a variety of research-based activities in math, science, and reading, all aligned to users' state standards for each of the subjects.

When operating CORE via the School Town platform, users can realize several time-saving and organizational benefits on top of the program's tools, including:

  • The ability for students and teachers to collaborate online;
  • The opportunity for instant feedback on assignments, questions, and difficulties;
  • The flexibility for teachers to deliver differentiated instruction according to individual student needs;
  • The tools to offer quick and effective interventions for students who may be falling behind in proficiency or comprehension of the material;
  • A way to ensure no missed assignments or learning opportunities owing to student illness or other absence; and
  • An extensive set of school communication and organizational management tools for teachers and students.

A spokesperson said the joint venture will also offer an approximately 20 percent discount to new customers interested in purchasing both the software and the platform and a special discount to current CORE users who wish to begin offering the software via the School Town platform.

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