Pearson Makes Reading Assessment Software Available for iPod Touch

Teachers can turn the Apple iPod Touch into a portable reading assessment tool with the help of software now available for the device from Pearson.

The Developmental Reading Assessment, Second Edition (DRA2) Handheld--Tango Software Edition is a tool that allows K-8 reading teachers to individually assess students' accuracy, fluency, and comprehension based upon criterion-related, construct, and content validity measurements. The student reads a passage aloud, and the teacher uses DRA2 on the iPod Touch to record everything, from noting miscues to indicating pauses to calculating accuracy and fluency. Then the teacher can use the software to evaluate the student's progress and find strategies for improvement. All data can also be uploaded to the school's network, which allows for progress monitoring and individualized instruction planning using a number of easy-to-access graphs and reports.

Technical information about the software, including hardware and device requirements, can be found here.

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