Math Resource Targets ELL Teachers

In order to advance and compete, K-12 students for whom English is not a first language still must learn subjects in addition to English. Quite often, however, teachers are not fully equipped to teach these subjects effectively to English language learners (ELLs). In response, Math Solutions has devised a multimedia professional development resource aimed at helping teachers facilitate ELLs in mastering their math skills while simultaneously allowing them to pursue their English language development.

Supporting English Language Learners in Math Class includes two books full of strategies teachers can use in order to achieve the dual goals of math instruction and language development. The K-2 book includes chapters covering optimal approaches to teaching about basic arithmetic and geometry, dealing with money, data analysis, rudimentary algebra, word problems, and even modifying lessons specifically to better reach ELLs. The book for grades 3 through 5 covers probability, measurement, more advanced geometry and algebra scenarios, and more complex word problems.

The resource consists of three tools:

  • The two-book series for grades K-2 and 3-5;
  • A facilitator's guide to support wide-spread implementation of effective strategies; and
  • A DVD of teachers and students in action, along with a track featuring expert commentary, which combine to help teachers of ELL students make the most of their teaching time by integrating language development seamlessly into math instruction.

The complete package retails for $299. The two books can be purchased together for $45.95 or separately for $26.95 each. More details and purchasing information can be found here.

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