Biamp Ships AudiaFUSION Networked Amplified Processor

Biamp has introduced its new AudioFUSION, a networked amplified processor. Distinguished by its modular, decentralized design, the unit allows for flexibility as to where components can be placed. Biamp said that the flexible placement means components can be installed close to speakers, for example, reducing time and cost of running wires.

AudiaFUSION's LED indictor lights provide information for signal present, peak present, clip present, heat sink temperature fault, amplifier failure, fan performance, internal amplifier module failover mode, and entire device failover mode. Software monitors temperature warnings, short circuit on output, impedance minimum/maximum threshold warning, excessive clipping, and more.

Amplification modules in the AudiaFUSION system have their own software-configurable power levels and load options. AudiaFUSION is TCP/IP-controllable, and Biamp said it provides seamless integration with CobraNet-enabled Audia systems.

Other CobraNet features include:

  • CobraNet Interface (16 channels in/16 channels out);
  • CobraNet latency 5.33 ms, 2.66 ms, or 1.33 ms, software configurable;
  • Dual CobraNet ports for redundancy;
  • Configurable with Audia software;
  • Controllable with RED-1, daVinci, or third-party control systems; and
  • Selectable 115/230 volt operation.

Further information about AudioFUSION can be found here.

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