Classroom Internet Monitoring System Launches

After beta-testing in classrooms nationwide since September, Netop has released MyVision, a software solution for educators to supervise and control student Internet use in the classroom.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X as either a free download known as MyVision Free or as a subscription-based application called MyVision Basic. The free download is for schools and teachers seeking an easy-to-use solution for keeping a watchful eye on student activity on school computers. The Basic version offers more extensive classroom computer management and monitoring features, including the tools to share screens with computers throughout a classroom, to blank out monitor screens, and to shut off Internet access with the click of a button.

Interested schools and educators can receive a 30-day free trial of MyVision Basic here. The software will retail for an annual subscription cost of $199; however, a special discount rate of $149 is available through Dec. 31. MyVision Free will continue to be available as a free download, and can be upgraded to the Basic version at any time.

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