Calypso Unveils Voice Amplification Upgrade for K-12 Classrooms

Calypso Systems has a new version of the WCM-RF Voice Amplification System that further improves on sound quality and intelligibility in the classroom. The package includes a teacher microphone, base station, classroom amplifier, two ceiling speakers, and all necessary cables and mounts.

The new version is the company's first iteration that comes standard with a 20-band digital equalizer. It has five unique adjustable bands so a teacher can change bands to best fit different acoustic environments. The equalizer comes programmed with three preset levels that provide optimized sound output for common male, female, and base-level voice ranges. Certified installers can also customize the equalizer settings for maximum effectiveness in specific rooms.

Calypso said the WCM-RF is designed for integration with other classroom audio sources. If a teacher comments while a DVD is playing, for example, the DVD audio volume is automatically lowered. When the teacher finishes speaking, it automatically resumes normal DVD volume.

Also new in this version is a lapel mic attachment and belt clip holster standard, so teachers now have two mic choices: lapel or lanyard. The teacher can also switch between equalizer presets and switch sources when the WCM-RF is connected to the company's networked wall-mount or encore! desktop control systems.

The WCM-RF wireless system runs $999, with K-12 pricing available.

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