Netop Launches Grant Program for Classroom Management Software

Classroom management software provider Netop has announced its own port in the educational budgetary storm, the Netop "Get a Grant for Education" program (NGAGE), through which the company will provide financial assistance for schools to purchase individual or site licenses to use its Vision6 Class Kit solution.

The software offers such features as audio-visual demonstrations with on-screen annotation, screen sharing, classroom assignment management tools, Web-surfing guidance and control, and push-button remote control.

Regularly priced at $999 for individual-use copy through the company's Web site or an authorized reseller, through a $450 NGAGE grant the complete software would cost $549. NGAGE is also offering schools a $1,600 grant for a site license, which allows multiple classrooms in each school to use the product.

To download a free 30-day trial of Vision6, visit the Netop download site. Further information about NGAGE can be found here.

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