Crestron Releases 20 Versions of DigitalMedia Output Cards

Crestron has expanded its DigitalMedia (DM) line of source-to-display solutions. The latest offerings including a new transmitter and DigitalMedia output cards that are available in 20 different versions. These new cards expand capabilities of the modular 8 x 8 and 16 x16 DM matrix switchers.

The new DM-TX-300N and DM-TX-300N-F are 3 x 1 transmitters that accept and transmit any analog or uncompressed digital HD signals long distance over copper or fiber. Crestron said the DM products provide seamless transition from analog to digital systems without redesigning existing systems or replacing installed equipment.

The DM-TX-300N is a DM CAT transmitter, and the DM-TX-300N-F is a DM fiber transmitter. They feature a variety of high-definition digital and analog AV inputs and are able to connect computers and AV sources to a Crestron DigitalMedia system. With their HDMI, DVI, RGB, and multi-format analog video inputs, plus digital and analog audio inputs, te units are designed for use at a lectern, conference table, equipment cabinet, or wall plate input, to send signals to a display or switcher several feet away.

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