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Promethean Releases New Presentation Tool

Interactive technology provider Promethean released the ActiView 322, a document camera (or "visual presenter") from the ActivClassroom line that allows an entire class to view and work from a single document or object. The product is designed to work with all ActivBoard devices and is also adaptable to third-party technology.

The ActiView 322 offers automatic zoom and focus and is designed to display the moving parts of mechanical objects, the motion of living creatures, and the visible life-sustaining processes of plants and flowers, as well as still-frame images in discreet and vivid detail. And the included microscope adapter can give an even more intricate look at such items as organic tissue or a droplet of water.

With the addition of optional software, users can also capture and save what they view with the ActiView for later examination and reference. The device comes with a USB cable and offers plug-and-play connectivity to all commonly used ed tech devices.

The company has also made a special, limited-time offer of a free ActiView 322 to anyone purchasing three or more units. Video demonstrations of the device being operated in a classroom setting are available here.

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