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Shmoop Takes Teachers' Guides Online

Digital learning guide publisher Shmoop has introduced teachers' guides to accompany 18 of its most popular online titles in classic literature and United States history. The company has created a Teacher Resource Center that gives educators an opportunity to learn about Shmoop guides and how to use them effectively in the classroom, as well as a forum to discuss teaching with the guides.

The Shmoop learning guides cover seven subjects: literature, poetry, bestsellers, U.S. history, civics, biography, and music. The guides offer an array of learning guidance materials, such as analysis, questions, and multimedia content, combined with a conversational tone and a strong nod to student engagement, featuring humor, trivia, and pop culture references.

"Shmoop's teacher resources help our students understand that what they study is applicable to their lives," said Kate MacMillan, coordinator of library services at Napa Valley Unified School District in Northern California. "Shmoop's expert writers strike the right chord with our students by blending intellectual rigor, wit, passion, and pop culture. Rather than hunting the Internet for trustworthy resources, our teachers and students can now turn to Shmoop."

The teachers' editions are available free of charge at the Teachers' Resource Center. In addition, for a one-time fee of $5.95 per topic, educators can access a repository of quizzes, discussion and essay questions, and standards-based activities and exercises on the respective topic.

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