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NEA Collaborates on Math Professional Development

The National Education Association's NEA Academy has announced it has partnered with I CAN Learn to help both K-12 and college mathematics educators improve content knowledge and learn new classroom strategies.

The I CAN Learn system offers online professional development courses on a number of math-related topics, including building math concepts and process and communication skills, improving math reasoning skills, increasing math vocabulary knowledge, and presenting strategies for finding contextual meaning. Each 50-hour course allows the user to progress at his or her own pace through depth audio and video presentations by a diverse group of lecturers.

NEA members will have access to the system's professional development courses for math education in grades 3 through 5, grades 6 through 8, and pre-algebra. "The NEA Academy's mission is to provide educational professionals access to effective professional development courses that they can take anytime and anywhere," said Mark Stevens, vice president of professional and Web solutions for NEA Member Benefits. "The I CAN Learn system offers outstanding courses designed to bolster content knowledge and raise the bar for quality math instruction."

Members who take the courses through the partnership are eligible to receive 2 continuing education units for each completed course, subject to approval by state and local educational certification agencies. Further information about the partnership and CEU eligibility can be found here.

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