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LessonPathways Releases Elementary Curriculum Resource at No Charge

Web-based K-5 curriculum provider LessonPathways has announced that its curriculum and planner, previously offered via paid subscription, are now available as a free, advertiser-supported service.

The company offers extensive educational resources for grades K through 5, including curriculum, in the areas of math, natural science, history, language arts, and reading/phonics. In total, LessonPathways has made more than 900 weeks' worth of interactive lessons, which can be tailored to each child's individual needs, available at no cost to the user. The weekly lessons, known as Pathways, include lesson plans, worksheets, games and activities, learning supplements, and teaching tips, all available online.

A spokesperson explained that the company has received extensive feedback from a wide range of educators, both classroom teachers and parents in homeschooling environments, on the methods and components that work best to educate young students. Much of this feedback, he added, comes from comments and ratings posted on the company Web site. "By giving the service away free," he said, "we expect to be able to build a much larger community of peers that can help one another teach more effectively."

Going forward, LessonPathways will trade its subscription revenue, previously at $99 to $155 per user per year, for income from paid site advertising and affiliate marketing. Founder Richard Rasmus said he believes the substantial user growth he expects from offering a high-quality and high-demand product at no cost will attract advertisers.

The company has also announced it is offering a refund on the unused portions of pre-paid subscriptions.

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