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AmpliVox Intros Wireless PA System with iPod Docking

AmpliVox has released its iPod Remote Controlled Wireless PA System, a complete audiovisual system for multimedia presentations that includes a dock for charging an iPod and using the device's audio, video, and still-frame image capabilities in conjunction with the PA system.

In addition to the iPod dock, the remote-controlled system includes a built-in DVD/CD/MP3 player, a USB slot for connecting a personal computer, and a video-out jack that allow audiences to watch videos on a projector or other device, a UHF multi-channel wireless receiver, a wireless microphone, karaoke capabilities, and both an AC power cord and a rechargeable battery. Audio features include an 8-inch full-range speaker, a voice priority switch to automatically mute other audio sources when the microphone is in use, and 30 watts of sound for clear projection to an audience of 500 in a room as large as 2,500 square feet.

An AmpliVox spokesperson explained that the company developed the new system in response to the growing popularity of the iPod device for a variety of music and video applications, specifically "to give them a wide choice of multi-media selection when they're presenting" before an audience.

The SW720 iPod Remote Controlled Wireless PA System is available at the AmpliVox Web site for $1,199.00, which includes a one-year warranty.

AmpliVox has also announced it's supporting the fight against breast cancer through its Pink Podium Promise Program. The program will donate a Pinnacle Multimedia Hard Shell Plastic Podium to every breast cancer awareness-related presentation or event for which one is requested.

To request a pink podium for a breast cancer awareness event, contact AmpliVox CEO Don Roth via e-mail or at 847-498-9000.

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