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Miami-Dade Expands Use of Digital Instructional Media

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) is expanding its partnership with Discovery Education, implementing the company's digital content library to all 153 Title I secondary schools in the district. In addition, the company will provide MDCPS professional development services, curriculum mapping, and access to a strong roster of guest lecturers.

All middle schools and high schools in the district will have complete access to digital learning library streaming Plus, offering a combined catalog of more than 150,000 digital media items aligned to Florida state standards and spanning all major subjects, with a search engine for educators to locate usable content within very specific parameters. In addition, middle schools will have access to digital science education content library Discovery Education Science, allowing students to explore like scientists in a lab or in the field, using interactive video, integrated simulations, virtual labs, and other online tools.

"As stewards of our children's educational futures, our school system has the responsibility to partner with organizations that appreciate the way today's children learn," said MDCPS Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho. "We are excited to expand our relationship with Discovery Education as they understand how to engage today's tech-savvy children in learning."

MDCPS teachers will also have access to the full spectrum of resources of Discovery Educator Network, the company's professional development community featuring extensive technology tutorials, PD course content and resources, and opportunities for communication and sharing of best practices. Additionally, the company will provide two full days of professional development instruction to ensure teachers are sufficiently familiar and comfortable with the program's technologies to incorporate them into their classroom environments with confidence.

"Educational technologies, such as digital content, provide an enormous opportunity for educators to take their students beyond the four walls of their classrooms to places they may not otherwise see," explained district CIO Sylvia Diaz. "By working with Discovery Education, we are able to leverage today's technologies to satisfy the natural curiosity in each of our students."

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