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Texas School Uses Remote Desktop To Give Students Anywhere Access

Keller Independent School District of Keller, TX is extending learning beyond the classroom. The district has adopted remote desktop software to give its students remote access to in-school software, files, and information from anywhere they use their school-issued tablet computers or any other device with Internet access.

For the program, the district has chosen ClassLink's LaunchPad remote desktop software, which it's using in conjunction with HP tablet computers.

LaunchPad allows students to access a centralized desktop in order to use software, open files, interact and collaborate with other students and teachers, and access a calendar to keep up with assignments, schedule changes, etc. Teachers can also use these features, as well as update the calendar, answer and discuss student questions, and receive completed assignments without the need for printing.

"I am very excited to experience the growth in both student learning and technology skills with the use of these tablets and LaunchPad," said Matthew Norris, seventh-grade math teacher at KISD. "This [HP Tablet] one-to-one initiative expands my ability to differentiate curriculum to engage each and every student in my classroom."

A spokesperson for KISD noted that the software also offers an advantage in terms of IT demands, as maintenance is performed in one central location.

A demo video of LaunchPad's features and their uses can be found here.

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