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Casio Takes New Approach to Graphing Calculator for Students

Casio's Prizm fx-CG10 plots graphs over full-color images to help students visualize concepts.

Casio Education has introduced the Prizm fx-CG10, a new concept in educational graphing calculators that aims to impart mathematical concepts in addition to providing standard graphing functions. Using a new tool known as Picture Plot, the Prizm enables users to plot graphs over full-color photographic images, such as an Egyptian pyramid or the jets of an outdoor fountain, as way of relating complex mathematical functions to real-world concepts such as design and engineering.

Additional features of the Prizm fx-CG10 include:

  • High-resolution color LCD, featuring natural-looking display of shaded areas;
  • Color enhancement capabilities for all graphing objects, including lines, circles, bars, grid lines, and axes;
  • Automatic color linking function relating graphic representations to corresponding spreadsheet screen items and formulas;
  • 16 MB storage capacity, with USB port for PC data transfer; and
  • Extended battery life, running on four AAA batteries.

Casio also offers teachers online training using streaming video and downloadable supplemental activities, as well as a loaner program, which enables interested educators to try the Prizm for 30 days. An application for the program is available here.

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