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Nebraska District Takes Activity Funds Management Online

Millard Public Schools (MPS) of Omaha, NE has shifted its financial management and reporting to the Web. The district selected AAWeb online software from Harris School Solutions for its school-site funds management and district-wide funding activities reporting.

"Accessibility is our No. 1 reason for switching to AAWeb," said Bridget Boardman, district accountant for MPS. "The business office will now have access to all databases within the district. This will help tremendously in financial reporting, auditing, accounts payable inquiries, and 1099 reporting."

Offering a full range of accounting functions specifically geared toward funds management, the software is also designed with the education sector in mind. Additionally, because it is provided as software as a service (SaaS), AAWeb requires no onsite maintenance or IT support.

"I envision AAWeb will allow for the ability to access from any computer. And, as the district accountant, I can more efficiently answer questions regarding transactions, reconciliations, etc., arising from the individual schools," said Boardman.

Further information about AAWeb can be found here.

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