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Numonics Ships Dual-Pen Upgrade

Intelliboards released prior to Nov. 1 can be upgraded to dual-pen functionality.

Numonics, a Pennsylvania company that specializes in computer-based presentation technologies, has rolled out a dual-pen field upgrade kit for its Intelliboard Windows products released prior to Nov. 1, 2010.

The Intelliboard is an interactive whiteboard that combines with a computer, a data projector, and an interactive pen to enable annotations and highlighting on a projected image. The interactive pen can be used to cut or paste images and control a connected computer in addition to its annotation and highlighting capabilities.

The new upgrade kit enables two interactive pens to be used on an Intelliboard simultaneously. The pens use different frequencies and write in different colors, allowing annotations from either pen to be easily discerned.

The kit includes an electronics module, installation instructions for the module, a red DS pen, two AAA batteries, two pen tips, one pen holder, and a prepaid return envelope for the old module.

All Intelliboards rolled out after Nov. 1, 2010 ship with built in dual-pen functionality and require only a second DS pen to use that functionality.

The dual pen field upgrade kit is currently available from Numonics for $299. (The price incorporates the return value of the old module.) Further information is available here.

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