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Kentucky Learning Repository To Align with Common Core State Standards

Kentucky is partnering with Pearson to create a Common Core State Standards-aligned digital learning repository.

The Kentucky Learning Depot is an online library of digital resources for educators to share digital content. The Depot, which was launched in November 2009, is using Pearson's Equella software to embed the standards and is working with state libraries to bring more than 85,000 items into the repository.

Common Core State Standards are designed to provide a national, standardized set of academic standards as an alternative to those previously developed by individual states. As of this writing, 40 states, along with the District of Columbia and the United States Virgin Islands, have adopted the standards, according to information posted on the CCSS site.

Depot users also have access to the content in Equella repositories of Southern Regional Education Board member states North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.

"Kentucky's goal is to implement clearer, more consistent and rigorous standards aligned to college and workforce expectations. Together with Equella, the Common Core State Standards have become a vehicle to do this," said Enid Wohlstein, director of the Kentucky Learning Depot.

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