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New Orleans Charter Schools Add DimensionU to Curriculum

The Algiers Charter Schools Association in New Orleans has added the DimensionU Learning System to the mathematics and literacy curriculum of its nine schools.

DimensionU is a video game-based learning resource developed by Tabula Digita for K-12 students. The multiplayer 3D games focus on skills and content including math, literacy, science, and, beginning later this year, social studies and history. DimensionU allows students to form online study groups or play individually, win a spot on a leaderboard, or earn tokens that can be used to enhance their in-game characters. In the U Games National Scholarship Competition students can compete for prizes including iPods, gift certificates, and electric scooters by answering math questions.

The math and literacy content is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the standards of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The math content is also aligned to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards.

"We believe game-based learning is the future of classroom instruction," said Andrea Thomas-Reynolds, chief executive officer of Algiers Charter Schools Association. "Video game technology is no longer just a novelty. It has successfully crossed into the educational domain. The teachers have noted that when the students are playing the DimensionU Games they see a real convergence of physical, virtual, and imaginary realities that will help our students thrive as they enter the 21st century workplace in the years to come."

The public charter school association is also setting up an academic bowl to allow students at the five ACSA middle schools to compete with each other using the games.

Further information is available here.

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