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Chief Rolls Out Interactive Projector Mounts

Chiefs new projector mounts integrate eBeam technology from Luidia.
Chief's new projector mounts integrate eBeam technology from Luidia.

Chief has started shipping seven projector mounts that endow standard projectors with functionality similar to that of an interactive whiteboard.

The mounts--the WM220AUSI, WM230AUSI, WM240AUSI, WM240SI, WM230SI, WM220SI, and WM210SI--enable annotations to be written on a projected image and saved for later use. Annotation capabilities are added though integrated eBeam technology from Luidia that works in conjunction with a projector, stylus, computer, and software to create an interactive image ranging from 48 inches to 94 inches (diagonal).

The WM220AUSI, the WM230AUSI, and the WM240AUSI support both standard and short-throw projectors. The WM240SI, theWM230SI, the WM220SI, and the WM210SI ship without a projector mounting bracket.

All interactive mounts offer horizontal extension and a lateral shift adjustment. Maximum extension distances are 66 inches for the WM240AUSI and the WM240SI, 54 inches for both the WM230SI and the WM230AUSI, 18 inches for the WM210SI, and 30 inches for the WM220AUSI and the WM220SI.

Other features include a micro-leveling adjustment, integrated cable management, and All-Points security.

In related news, Chief has released an upgrade kit, model WM2I, that augments its WM2 series of short-throw wall mounts with the same interactive whiteboard functionality as its interactive counterparts. The kit ships a stylus, mountable eBeam hardware, software, and a plastic cover.

The WM220AUSI, the WM230AUSI, the WM240AUSI, the WM240SI, the WM230SI, the WM220SI, the WM210SI and the upgrade kit are currently available.

Further information can be found on Chief's site here.

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